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Top results of the author:

1. Two problems solved included in known list "One hundred and two problems of Mathematical Logic" by Harvey Friedman (JSL v.40, No.2, 1975, Problem 20, and Problem 22).

2. Plenary invited 45-minute address at International Congress of Mathematicians, USA, Berkeley, 1986, by Mikhail G.Peretyatkin, title: "Finitely axiomatizable theories".

3. A monograph is published: Mikhail.G.Peretyat'kinFinitely axiomatizable theories, Plenum, New York, 1997, 297.p (also, a Russian version of the book is available). 


Peretyat'kin, Mikhail 

Born at Ucharal town, Taldykorgan region, Kazakhstan. 

1971 graduated from the Kazakh State university (Almaty), Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Division of Mathematics, specialization in Mathematical Logic.1971-1974 post-graduate student. Took the course of post-graduate studies at the Institute of Mathematics in Novosibirsk (Russia).1974-1986 worked as a lecturer at Kazakh State University, Almaty (senior lecturer, assistant professor, head at Chair of Algebra and Logic). 1974 had defended at Novosibirsk State University (Russia) a thesis of Candidate's degree with the title "Constructive models".1983 had defended at Institute of Mathematics of Novosibirsk (Russia) a thesis of Doctor's degree with the title "Finitely axiomatizable theories". 1991 diploma of Professor in "Algebra and Logic". 1998 visiting professor at University of Wisconsin (Madison,USA), department of Mathematics, one month.

Current affiliations:

Chief researcher at Institute of Mathematics (Almaty), in laboratory of Algebra and Logic (plus half-time professor in the University).

Main scientific results:

General expressibility problem of finitely axiomatizable theories in First-Order Predicate Logic is solved. An universal construction is described which shows that in terms of the majority of natural model-theoretic properties the expressive power of finitely axiomatizable theories is the same as that of recursively axiomatizable theories. A lot of natural questions on finitely axiomatizable theories is solved by reduction to the considerably easier case of recursively axiomatizable theories. 

Skills as a professor: professor.htm

Address: Professor Peretyat'kin M.G., Institute of Mathematics, 125 Pushkin Street, 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan

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