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Educational Exercises Creation System (EEC) was developed by the author till 1979, and currently is successfully used in teaching process. It can generate large series of cards with exercises for students (100 or more variants of various exercises of similar type). Then, they can be used in teaching of mathematics, computer science, various applications of mathematical methods, etc.

You can find below a sample of such cards really used in teaching process. Title of the Course: Fundamental Structures of Computer Science, Part 1 (formal grammars and finite automata). There were about 100 students of 2-nd course. Acoordingly, there were generated 100 cards for Final Exam, that had similar form (you can see below) but their contents were absolutely different. The EEC System is very powerful system. It can generate well-quality text with inserted data and graphic, that may differ for different cards. 

1. Example of a card for Final Exam generated by EEC System :

    View or download:  images\exercise--card.jpg

    View or download:  images\solution-card1.jpg

    View or download:  images\solution-card2.jpg

    View or download:  images\answers--card.jpg

After exam, where each student receives an exercise card and gives his/her solution, corresponding answer-card is used to set the mark. After that, each student receives his/her papers with the mark and the answer. He/she can see all the mistakes and the resulting mark. 

One more demonstration of EEC:

2. Example of a card for Homework Task generated by EEC System :

    View or download:  images\homework---card-front.jpg

    View or download:  images\homework---card-back.jpg

    View or download:  images\homework-the-answers.jpg

Here, a complex of exercises was generated as a personal homework task. It was some preparation to future Midterm Exam. There were generated 100 personal tasks (all different) for each student.

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