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Peretyat'kin Mikhail:  Skills as a professor:

Read specialized courses on "Logic" speciality:

Model theory,
Algorithm theory,
Boolean algebras,
Constructive Boolean algebras,
Superatomic Boolean algebras,
Algorithmic problems in Logic,
Decidable theories and constructive models,
Finitely axiomatizable theories

Read Lectures on General University courses:

Linear Algebra,
Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics,
Probability theory and statistics,
Mathematical Logic,
General Algorithm Theory,
Discrete mathematics,
Logic programming and Artificial Intelligence,
Fundamental structures of Computer science
Grammars, formal languages and finite automata
Context-free languages and lexical parsers
Prolog programming language and logic programming
C/C++ Programming Language

Knowing programming languages and operating systems: 

Dos, Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux Mandrake/Mandriva, Slackware, Red Hat, FreeBSD, Latex Emtex/Miktex, Postscript, Ghostscript/Ghostview, Turbo Prolog, GNU-prolog, SWI-prolog, and Visual Prolog, Standard C/C++, Borland C++ 5.5.1, MinGW, Qt 4.4.3, Open GL, CBuilder 6/7, MS Visual C++.6/NET, Pascal and Delphi, Visual Basic 6/NET, HTML, XML, Java, JSP/Servlet, Apache Tomcat. 

Hand-made software: 

Professor's computer-as-assistant toolkit, titled Educational Exercise Creation SystemThe EEC is a powerful computer system based on Creative Artificial Intelligence principles. It is attended to generate series of similar exercises, putting them in cards; moreover, cards with answers are parallelly compiled. Output can be directed either in LaTeX document or in PDF-file, which then can be viewed or printed out as high-quality paper document, and used in teaching process. Demonstrationeec.htm

Address: Professor Peretyat'kin M.G., Institute of Mathematics, 125 Pushkin Street, 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan

Homepage: HOME

index.htm book.htm publications.htm author.htm professor.htm eec.htm faq.htm